1) Why should I join GadgetYouth?

GadgetYouth is offering students an opportunity to start your own business at ZERO cost. By joining GadgetYouth, you’ll have access to all our products as your inventory.

2) What is GadgetYouth all about?

GadgetYouth is offering students an entrepreneurship opportunity by providing a platform for students to experience the “touch and feel” of entrepreneurship while still studying. By joining the GadgetYouth program, students stand a chance to get their ideas funded and receiving mentorship from us to start their own company.

3) How to become a GY (GadgetYouth recruit)?

Joining GadgetYouth is as simple as registering yourself at http://gadgetyouth.com.my/profile/register/

4) How soon can I receive my profit margin?

Profit margins up till 25th of the month will be transferred to your CIMB account by the following month.

5) How is profit margin calculated?

GYs will receive 70% of the nett profit. i.e. Gross profit – (payment gateway charges, shipping & insurance)

6) What if I don’t have a CIMB account?

You may register an account later when you’ve sold a product

7) What support does GadgetYouth Sdn Bhd provide?

GadgetYouth provides backend support in logistics, insurance, payment gateway, accounting and etc.

8) What if I’m unable to achieve the target? What happens then?

GadgetYouth doesn’t fix a certain target for students. However, accounts that are inactive for over 6 months will be suspended.

9) How often is the training?

We offer ongoing trainings for GYs on a regular basis via email or whatsapp. We will beengaging with students in campus every quarter yearly.

10) Who shall I contact when I encounter any problems?

You may email support@gadgetyouth.com whenever you encounter any issues. You will  receive a reply in ONE(1) working day.

11) What if I entered a wrong address? How can I update the correct details?

   You may email the right delivery detail with order number to sales@gadgetyouth.com

12) How shall I recommend my friend if he or she is interested to be a GY?

You may refer your friend to register at https://gadgetyouth.com.my/profile/register/

13) Can I buy in bulk?

   We do not encourage students to buy in bulk and keep stock. However, if you have several friends or relatives who wants to buy the same item, why not? Nevertheless, we expect different shipping addresses.

14) Can I sell products to my hometown in Sabah/ Sarawak?

Yes you may. However, there may be additional shipping cost incurred.

15) Can I sell to outsiders or online?

Yes. You may sell the products to anyone as long as you’re a student yourself.

16) How do I know that the products are original?

 All the products that we carry are genuine and brand new. We deal direct with principle brands like Huawei, Acer and etc. Warranty provided is not by GadgetYouth but by theindividual brands themselves.

17) What are the requirements to be a GY?

The ONLY requirement is that you MUST be a student with at least one more year of education who’s passionate about entrepreneurship.

18) What if I don’t have data?

We encourage our GYs to subscribe to at least a 3GB data plan. However, you’re free to decide how you’d like to solve your internet issue.

19) Can I sell out of Malaysia? (for foreigners to sell to their country of origin)

You may sell to your home country, but shipping and insurance only covers delivery within Malaysia.

Shipping & delivery

  1. How do I track my order status?

Tracking ID and link will be sent to you via email once the item is sent out.

  1. I can’t track my order on courier tracking page. How do I track my order?

You may call Poslaju Hotline at 1-300-300-300 to track manually.

  1. What are the shipping rates?

All shipping covered with insurance is FREE for items delivered within Peninsular Malaysia.

  1. When will I receive my order?

Upon order confirmation, you will receive the item within 3-7 working days (subject to availability)

  1. How do I check delivery time of a product?

Delivery time is subject to our shipping partner PosLaju. You may check with them for an accurate timing.

  1. Can I prearrange the date I want to get the delivery?

We cannot guarantee the date of delivery, however we’ll make necessary arrangement to the best of our ability upon request.

  1. Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

Delivery days are subject to our shipping partner PosLaju. For further information, visit http://poslaju.com.my/contact-us/

  1. I need my order now, Can GY speed up the delivery?

We will try our best to cater to your request, but subject to product availability.

  1. I just received an email saying that my item has been shipped. When will I receive my order?

Upon receipt of tracking information, you should receive your item within 1-3 working days (subject to location)

  1. I ordered multiple items, but why did I receive only one email and one tracking number?

We will pack the items together to do a combine shipping to save cost for the benefit of all. In return, you’ll always be able to enjoy amazing items at amazing prices from us.

  1. How can I know exact date and time of the delivery?

You may track the status via the tracking ID from the tracking link provided.

  1. Can I cancel my order after order has been shipped?

No. Items shipped are considered sold.

  1. What if I am not at home when the package arrives?

You may contact PosLaju for second delivery or collect at the designated PosLaju office.

  1. Is there any domestic area GadgetYouth cannot deliver to?

Our delivery area coverage is subject to our shipping partner PosLaju. For further information, please visit http://odp.poslaju.com.my/services.aspx

  1. Does GadgetYouth offer international shipments?

We can arrange for international shipment, but buyer has to bear the cost of shipping and insurance.

  1. Can GadgetYouth deliver the package to my office?

Yes. As long as it is stated in your delivery details and is within PosLaju coverage areas.

  1. Can I pick up my order at GadgetYouth office?

Yes. But pickup time has to be prearranged.

  1. What shipping options does GadgetYouth offer?

We only engage PosLaju services for shipping. However, if you prefer using other alternatives, there will be additional handling and shipping charges incurred.

Products on GY

  1. Where can I get more product information?

You may find reviews on amanz.my or alternatively you may find product details from the brand’s website.

  1. How do I know the stock GadgetYouth have?

Stock availability is updated in our portal inventory.

  1. How to check product warranty?

Product warranty is subject to individual brand manufacturing warranty.

  1. How do I go about servicing my product? Where are the warranty centers?

You may go to the nearest service center for servicing. Kindly check locations in brand’s official website.

  1. How long does it take to repair my product?

Period of repair is subject to condition and respective brands.

  1. If my product is within warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

No. You need not pay for parts and labor for manufacturing defects. Faulty parts due to wear and tear is subject to respective brand’s jurisdiction. Shipping and handling  fees may be charged to buyer for claims via GadgetYouth.