ProWider is a placement portal dedicated to youths in tertiary education who wish to amass skills and experience before formally entering the job market. It is available both as a website and a mobile application. All vacancies on ProWider are for internships, part-time jobs, and freelance positions – perfect for students seeking to productively utilize their weekends and semester breaks while earning extra income and enhancing their employability.

To ensure the most choice and the best quality for our young users, we incentivize businesses to sign up to ProWider by offering very reasonable rates. Instead of charging per advertisement like other employment portals, which is costly with no guarantee of success, we allow companies to post as many vacancies as they want for free, only charging them a success fee for each candidate they successfully recruit.

Creating Additional Value for Students Through Diligent Record-Keeping. Even if they have completed a satisfactory number of placements, graduates still may not be able to convince employers of their track record if they have no written proof. This problem is particularly pressing in relation to part-time jobs, which do not record student workers’ personal details and pay them directly in cash.

ProWider tackles this issue by automatically recording users’ placements and compiling them into a comprehensive record that can then be signed off by students’ academic supervisors as proof of their achievements. Users’ records will include the soft skills they have learnt at each placement to make it easier for employers to identify promising candidates with the relevant skills.

To further increase accuracy, we have developed a sophisticated tracking system that keeps track of users’ working hours using technology like geofencing and Wi-Fi location tracking – useful for employers who require candidates to have amassed a minimum number of working hours in a particular position.

AI and Insights from Big Data Facilitate Accurate Matching. Users want efficiency – they do not want to spend hours trawling through irrelevant search results. To avoid that, we require all users, students and corporations alike, to enter a comprehensive range of personal details when they first sign up. These data will be analyzed by our powerful AI search engine, which will then match candidates to the most suitable vacancies, saving time and mental effort for all.

Honest, Unbiased Reviews Lead to Better Decision-Making. Users may not fully trust the information displayed on personal or corporate profiles as there is always a risk that claims may be exaggerated. To remedy that, we have included a review function where candidates may review their former employers and vice versa. We guard against the possibility of fake reviews by mandating reviewers to have worked with the reviewee previously.

The Connected Campus Tour, started in 2017, is a high-energy entrepreneurship conference that spreads the entrepreneurial mindset and features the country’s top CEO and entrepreneurs. The tour is most powerful as an engaging, first-exposure to entrepreneurship. If individuals don’t believe that they can be a successful entrepreneur, they will not take the actions necessary to become one. Therefore, the tour focuses more on inspiring people and connecting them to resources than providing nuts & bolts knowledge they’ll never use or have trouble remembering when they finally need it.
We are in the best way to bring successful entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds or industries to speak at various organized event about success, leadership, entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurial mindset – at any budget. Student entrepreneurs will receive great insights on entrepreneurial experiences and mentorship through the Connected Campus Tour. For more information on Connected Campus Tour.

Planning an event is a huge undertaking which, if well executed, has the potential to have a long term, sustainable impact on your audience. Finding the right speakers, booking venues, curating the audience and developing the appropriate content is not a small undertaking. GenYouth has a talented team of well-connected thought leaders within the entrepreneurship ecosystem and event planners. That means that our event experts can simultaneously facilitate and manage the logistical planning of your event while being knowledgeable on what will create a world class event with the most sustainable impact possible. By engaging with GenYouth’s event management team for your next corporate reach out, you will be able to maximize both your ringgits as well as your impact through entrepreneurship.