GenYouth is a platform that provides support to the youth on entrepreneurship development. GenYouth is giving youths industry exposure through our Connected Campus Tours, an initiative that comprises industry engagement events e.g. inspirational talks, career fairs, mentoring sessions. GenYouth creates and organizes entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, and leadership events and programs for University and College campuses around Malaysia in order to exercise the students’ interest in entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to provide entrepreneurship opportunities through partnerships and collaborations with socially responsible local communities, national businesses, corporations, and engagement ventures.



Malaysia government has outlined 10 ‘Shifts’ i.e. goals to achieve in the pursuit of a holistic and effective higher education system in their 2015-2025 Malaysian Education Blueprint. The Blueprint’s 1st and most important goal is to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to stand out in the rapidly evolving 21st century workforce. To accomplish that, it recommends giving students early industry exposure and providing them with the opportunities to acquire skills through hands-on, practical learning.


GenYouth is ready to join the government’s efforts to revitalize the higher education sector by doing what we do best: connecting students to industry players who will inspire, train, mentor, and hire them through a comprehensive range of online and offline initiatives.


Although there is no shortage of job portals in Malaysia, nearly all of them target mature workers seeking full-time jobs. Advertisements for internships, part-time jobs, and freelance projects – exactly the kind of work experience students need to impress future employers – are few and far between, making it difficult for youths to obtain relevant information, let alone apply for these positions.
In line with our belief that knowledge is power, GenYouth has developed ProWider, an AI-powered digital platform that connects youths to the industry players and placement opportunities they need to stand out in the increasingly competitive job market. Businesses will also benefit from obtaining access to a never-ending supply of promising young talent without incurring massive advertising costs.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, forcing the government to issue a Movement Control Order (MCO), our large-scale physical events inevitably had to be cancelled. Nonetheless, we did not give up: after coordinating with companies and universities, we moved entire events online, ensuring that students’ career planning could continue uninterrupted. Following the success of the first few virtual internship and career fairs, the first Internship and Career Fair which co-organized with Universiti Malaya on 13th July 2020 being awarded in Malaysia Book of Records for “The Most Number of Student-Employer ‘E-meeting’ in a Virtual Career Fair’ and ‘The First Student-Employer ‘E-Meeting’ In A Virtual Career Fair’ – a testament to our dedication and staying power.


Bridging the gap between academia and industry for the leaders of tomorrow, while bringing simplicity and convenience to their lives today.


Access quality products and services on a convenient, centralized virtual platform

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

We are committed to build strong and lasting partnerships with Universities who share our vision and values. We believe that effective collaboration is key to achieving our goals and making a positive impact for the youth.